Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OCS contact details not updated!

There will be instances when an OCS user in an enterprise have some details such as title changed in the active directory. The attributes have since been updated i the Exchange GAL. However, the changes are not reflected on the OCS user's properties.

By default, every night at 1:30AM the new address book is updated and at some random time within the first hour of logging in each day the local workstation downloads updates from the day before that are included in the compact delta file. In my opinion this next part is an overlook during the design, there are 2 AD attributes that are NOT included in the compact delta file, "office" and "title".Perhaps the Microsoft Developers did not think this would change often enough to warrant including it in the code, nor will it ever be.

The full and legacy delta files continue to include these attributes. The legacy and full delta files are only downloaded when a NEW galcontacts.db file is downloaded to the workstation. Another loophole in the programming is, even though the local galcontacts.db file displays the correct attributes, it will NOT reflect in MOC unless the user who's title, or whatever, changed has them as well.


1) Logoff and close MOC client
2) In Windows 7, navigate to the path C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator\<user sip>
3) Delete the files GalContacts.db and GalCOntact.db.idx
4) Re-launch MOC client. Give a few moments for the files to be re-downloaded.

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