Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SCOM SNMP Threshold Type

SCOM SNMP monitors/rules creation could be easy to create but it could be also a pain to configure the thresholds.
The SCOM Console makes assumption that whatever is being created for rules and monitors thresholds as strings.
Hence, when we have a need to have a threshold which requires the a numeric comparison such as greater than or less then, the string value her will not work.

To work around this, either you can export the management pack and start editing the XML or the easier way out which I prefer will be the below procedure
1)      export the management pack to XML
2)      Use the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Console ( open the exported MP in step 1. Navigate to the monitors on the left window

3)      Select the correct monitor and then right click, properties and configuration.

4)      Under each >>>XpathQuery and >>>value, you will see >>>@Typ. You will need to change 4 similar attributes like this to Integer. (Refer to screenshot above for sample)
5)      Once this is completed, save the modified management pack.
6)      Re-import the management pack into SCOM.