Thursday, August 16, 2012

A meeting update message or a meeting cancellation message from an Exchange 2003 user is not delivered to external attendee

It was brought to my attention that there is a random issue when a user cancels a meeting and some of the attendees are not notified via a cancellation. Upon digging further, the users that are not receiving these cancellation are found to be external users.
Conversation with the IT folks in these users' companies are that their messaging infrastructure is running on Lotus Notes and Exchange 2007.
The issue has been found to be that of the below and the procedures listed can be used to check if the issue is affecting your Exchange 2003 setup.
When sending meeting changes or cancellations to another mail server outside of your exchange 2003 organization messages get stuck in the queue and if the diagnostics logging of the MSExchangeTransport component is set to maximum, the following warning is logged:
Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeTransport
Event Category: Exchange Store Driver
Event ID: 327
If an administrator tries to open the message in the Exchange System Manager console, the administrator may receive the following error message:Unable to open for delivery
To verify this is the issue follow these steps on the message that is stuck.
  1. Launch MFCMAPI and select OK. (MFCMAPI can be downloaded from
  2. Choose Session –> Logon –> Display Store Table
  3. Select the proflle used to open the mailbox
  4. In the returned items look for the row that has "Mailbox – <username>" and double click to open the row
  5. In the new "Mailbox – <username>" window expand the Root – Mailbox folder
  6. Expand the IPM_SUBTREE (or the mailbox) folder
  7. Open the calendar folder by double clicking on it.
  8. In the new "Calendar" window navigate to the appointment item (you can sort by Subject by clicking the Subject column)
  9. Right click the appointment item and choose "Display Recipient Table" from the menu
  10. In the recipients table scroll to the right until you can view the column named "PR_RECIPIENT_TRACKSTATUS"
  11. Note the number value for each recipient and this will indicate their tracking status on the item.
  12. If the value is 0 then it means that the tracking status is not available.
The solution
A hotfix is released by Microsoft to correct this issue as the KB below

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