Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Http 500 on SCCM Reports

If you try to open a SCCM report especially if you reference against a big collection (i.e All Systems etc) , you might get an generic HTTP 500 error. Most probably, the problem is related to the different report limitations in both: SCCM and IIS.

The SCCM reporting point has a 10.000 rows limit. 

This limit can be expanded by changing the registry. The registry value on the SMS or SCCM Reporting Point server must be modified to allow for returning a larger Row Set.

1) You can change the limit by modifying the registry on the reporting point machine.
Under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Reporting key, add the DWORD valueRowcount and assign it the value for your desired maximum limit.

The maximum row count in decimal is 32767.
If you need to return more than 32,767 records, you can set the row count to 0xffffffff hexadecimal, which will return all rows. However, this significantly increases the workload on the SMS site database.

2) The registry change above will allow you to run reports up to 50.000 rows. If you need more, you have to change the ASP buffer size within the IIS server.

For IIS6
You need to adjust the AspBufferingLimit setting. The AspBufferingLimit property sets the maximum size of the ASP buffer. The default is approximately 4 MB. 
To change the default, open %WindowsRoot%\System32\InetSrv\MetaBase.xml and search for “AspBufferingLimit”. Adjust the setting to allow for 1 MB per 1000 records. You can make changes to the MetaBase.xml file while IIS is running only if the edit-while-running feature is enabled. Otherwise, you must stop IIS before editing the MetaBase.xml file.

For IIS 7.x
Change the setting in the IIS Manager -> ASP -> Limits Properties.

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