Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SCOM 2007 R2 (Editing Company Knowledge)

Company Knowledge is used to capture the steps required to resolve an alert in your OpsMgr installation.  When paired with the Product knowledge (which provides you with the application developers knowledge on the causes and suggested resolution steps for an alert), the two will help any operator with the best steps and any historic knowledge to reduce the amount of time required to resolve an alert

Product Knowledge is embedded in a rule or monitor when it is authored. Company Knowledge can be added at any time provided you have the correct applications loaded and you are logged into the console with an account that is assigned to the correct role.

Software requirements:

1) Office Professional 2007 SP3 or higher, only Word is required.

2) Install the Visual Studio 2005 tools for the Microsoft Office System which can be downloaded from the below

Role requirements:

In OpsMgr 2007, user roles define the actions that can be taken (the profile) on what objects (the scope). There are several user roles predefined in the product and the OpsMgr Administrator will have assigned your user account to a role. Your account must be assigned to one of the roles before you can access the Operations Console.

All roles can view the Company Knowledge content either by accessing the rule or monitor directly (this access is limited by the role that you are in) or through an alert that was raised by a monitor or rule. In order to edit the Company Knowledge however you must be in either the Author or Administrator OpsMgr 2007 User Role.

When you click on the Edit, what you will be presented will be similar to the screenshot on the left

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