Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Removing Obsolete Product Connector in SCOM 2007 R2

We used to be using Jalasoft for monitoring network devices which is integrated with SCOM and this product creates a product connector to pipe the data to SCOM.
However as this is no longer needed, I had to remove this obsolete Connector from a SCOM R2 environment. 
This cannot be done via the regular SCOM R2 console and has to be execute via one of the 3 methods below 

As Kevin Holman describes
This is not the official method but it works and gives you pretty much more control on what is being executed.

The official supported method, KB2626670
Basically a PS script which goes through the steps as per what is described by Kevin Holman :)

A community based tool
Un-official tool form the community

As you can see there are multiple options available to get to the end game
When you want to play is safe use KB2626670 since that’s the officially supported way.

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