Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Removing Orphaned Packages from SCCM Child Site

Packages that are deleted at a parent site can be orphaned at a child site if the child site unavailable or down at the time of deletion or the replication process is unsuccessful. You won’t be able to delete those packages from child site because they will be locked in the console as the packages originate from the Central Site. In this case, we will need to use the backdoor to fix the problem by modifying the package record from the child site database. Only when this is done, we will be allowed to delete the package from the child site SCCM console.

Procedure to Remove Orphan Packages

To remove orphan packages from the SQL Server database, please follow the below

** You will need to have SA rights for these actions

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and use the site database of the child site cs1(SMS_CHILD).

2. Type and run the following command in the query window:

select PkgId, Name, SourceSite from SMSPackages

3. Search for the PkgID file that you want to remove.

4. Type and run the following command in the query window:

Update SMSPackages Set SourceSite='<Child Site Code>' Where PkgID= '<Package ID>'

5. The package is now set to a local package and you can delete it from within the SCCM Administrator console.

Deletion should be performed from the SCCM console instead of via the database level to ensure that the deletion is clean.

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