Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ConfigMgr Software Update State: Enforcement State Unknown

I have pretty sure many SCCM admin would have encountered the infamous status of "Enforcement State Unknown" for Software Updates deployment via SCCM.

All the logs such as WUhandler,log etc looks normal and you could be pulling out your hair to get this resolved.
What can be done is to force a full resync of the state of the server to the primary site server.
This can be accomplished by adding the below copying the code below into a vbs file and execute it on the problem server

' Initialize the UpdatesStore variable. 
dim newCCMUpdatesStore 
' Create the COM object. 
set newCCMUpdatesStore = CreateObject ("Microsoft.CCM.UpdatesStore") 
' Refresh the server compliance state by running the RefreshServerComplianceState method. 

Once it is executed, you should see in the UpdatesStore.log file that the "Resend status completed successfully"

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