Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SCCM MIF File Generator

This VBS will provide you with a mean to generate the NOIDMIF.mif files for SCCM clients based on a pre-populated Excel sheet. It has been shared in the Microsoft Community Gallery and it can be downloaded here.

Output MIF File will be similar to the screenshot below
1) The excelsheet should be populated base don the format below with the Values in Column A to C based on your own information of Ship Date (Aka Purchase Date) and Known Hardware Warranty Date.
The Excel should be named as ServersInventory.xlsx for servers and computersinventory.xlsx for clients.
2) The file should be executed on a machine with Excel installed
3) Modify the struser and strpwd in the vbs to the necessary credentials to enable the MIF files generated to be copied to the target mahcine
How to use
1) Save the excel files and the downloaded vbs file in the same folder
2) Execute the vbs
3) Enter 1 if you populating for servers and 2 if its for workstations/notebooks
4) Enter the OU that you wish to target against
1) A scan will be done on the the specified OU against the information available in the excel sheet.
2) MIF files will be generated and copied for matches found and the machine name will be populated in the excel. (Screenshot as below)