Friday, July 3, 2015

Query for SCCM 2012 DP Status Overview

SCCM Distribution points as we may know is an important part of an SCCM Setup.
A distribution point which is not operational due to various reasons would have repercussion effects on a package deployment. Issues that arises may be from the perspective of network bandwidth etc.
It is always welcome to have a single pane view of teh status of anything that we need to have visibility on and this includes the status of the DPs.
The SQL query below will enable you to gain that "Single Pane" view from the available disk space as well as the settings that are configured which is inclusive of Transfer rate among others.

SELECT [ServerName]
     , DI.Drive
  FROM [CM_C00].[dbo].[v_DistributionPointInfoBase] IB
  left join dbo.v_DistributionPointDriveInfo DI on DI.NALPath = IB.NALPath

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