Monday, November 16, 2015

Replication Group Error after SCCM Primary Site Recovery

I encountered a freak issue done by one of our Field IT guys. Well, he un-installled the SQl server that is being used the Primary Site SCCM Server . How is that possible? Well, I seriously do not have the answer for that. Fortunately, we have a working copy of the SCCM backup and so I went about performing the dreaded site recovery. (This part will be cover this in a separate post)
After some time, I managed to recovery the site but just when I was hoping to get some rest, I realized that the database replication between this Primary Site Server and the CAS failed.

The error was found in the rcmctrl.log is "Error: Replication group "General_Site_Data" has failed to initialize for subscribing site C00, setting link state to Error."

To resolve this, the steps are as below
1) Launch SQL server management studio with an account with sysadmin rights
2)  Run the TSQL command below to check the state of replication
select * from RCM_DrsInitializationTracking 
 where replicationGroup = 'General_Site_data' AND SiteFulfilling='P02'

3) To resolve the issue, run the TSQL command below

update RCM_DrsInitializationTracking set InitializationStatus = 7 where ReplicationGroup = 'general_site_data' and SiteRequesting = '<Central Site Code>' and SiteFulfilling = '<Primary Site Code>'

Run the replication link analyser again to check on the status.

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