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Monday, July 16, 2012

SCCM Package Stuck at "Install Pending" State Persistently

One of my SCCM Primary Site servers encountered some issues over the past week and at this time a package was being copied to all Primary Site Servers including the one having issues.

After the issue on the Primary Site Server is resolved, it has been found that after repeated attempts to remove and re-copy the package will end up having a similiar frustrating outcome of the package showing up as "Install Pending"

The method which was used to resolve this requires modification to the SCCM SQL Database tables directly (Attempt it at your own risk)

1) Remove the assigned DP from the Package and allow some time for the changes to take effect. Only proceed to step 2 once you have verified that the package is not at "Install Pending" state

2) Logon to the SQL Database for SCCM on Both top-tier and parent primary site server.
Run the SQL Query below against the PkgStatus table in the SCCM Database

Delete FROM PkgStatus WHERE ID='<Package ID>' AND SiteCode = '<Site Code>'

3) Give it some time before adding the DP to the same package

The procedure is applicable for all DPs inclusive of BDPs