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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Troubleshooting Grayed Agents in SCOM

Grayed agents in SCOM Console can be due to several reasons and of course the simplest of them all is that the System Management Service on the server is not started.
Other reasons includes the
-           Database that is used by the health state is corrupted
-          Heartbeat failure
-          Invalid configuration
-          System workflows failure
-          OpsMgr Database or data warehouse performance issues
-          RMS or primary MS or gateway performance issues
-          Network or authentication issues
-          Health service issues (service is not running)

The link article below provides a very useful reference to assist any administrators that requires assistance to resolve issues involving agents that repeatedly goes into grayed state despite repeated  attempts to resolve it.
The articles itself provides a number of possible scenarios of this issue as well as the various resolutions.

Microsoft has released a hotfix for Windows 2003 agents that are encountering this issue which can be downloaded in the link below.
Primarily the ESENT.dll file will be updated for the servers and Yes, this update requires a restart.