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Monday, April 7, 2014

Removing corrupt ActiveSync device from Exchange 2010 using MFCMapi

There may be times that you can get a corrupt ActiveSync device in a Exchange 2010 mailbox.

You can see the device in OWA under options/ Phone / Mobile phones.
When you try to do anything with the device (Details or Wipe) you will get an error message.
The corrupted device cannot be seen if you run the cmdlet ActiveSyncDevices (Get-ActiveSyncDevice -mailbox mailbox_id) in Powershell.

When a user sets up a ActiveSync relationship the information is stored in two places (AFAIK);
Hidden folders in the user mailbox

AD as child items to the user account

This solution deletes the corrupted ActiveSync device that is visible from OWA so a new partnership can be established (or just to remove an orphan device from the list):

1) Download MFCMapi (Downloadable from
2) Create a MAPI Profile to the users mailbox on a server/workstation with Outlook
Full mailbox access permissions to the problematic mailbox is required)
3) Start MFCMapi
4) Menu Session > Logon [choose the correct Outlook Profile]
5) Double click the "Mailbox - User name"
6) Expand the "Root Container"
7) Expand the "ExchangeSyncData"
8) Locate the corrupt device (a folder under ExchangeSyncData) and right click > Delete Folder
9) Close MFCMapi